Impeach My Ass .com

Bunch of Dumb Ass Democrats!

I am Very Disappointed that you refuse to support the American People

The democrats are refusing to support the wishes of the American People

Get off My President.

We know who is corrupt.

Quit wasting time and money. Build the wall and stop your impeachment crap.

Nancy Pelosi

Chuck Schumer


Rashida Tlaib

I am super offended that Rashida Tlaib called My President a Mother Fucker. I call for her removal.


Republican my ass   Mitt Romney   Republican my ass

Mitt Romney is trying to take over John McCain's old slot


The democrats fund abortion. Not with my money. It is a violation of my constitutional rights for you to use my money for abortions. 

The wicked will fall by their own wickedness.

Rashida Tlaib should be removed immediately. 

Psalm: 94:23

Proverbs 11:5

Jeremiah: 2: 19

Jeremiah: 44: 9


And that's how the end of the democratic party came about. 

I would imagine many of the democrats will turn into Republicans soon.


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